Searcher Reaches Land's Limits, Volume I
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Searcher Reaches Land's Limits, Volume I

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We may sense that mind plays a critical role in our experience of life, but do we know what mind is, how it functions and what changes might be possible? Revelations of Mind, by Tarthang Tulku and this illuminating new commentary by Richard Dixey open up diverse perspectives for exploring this crucial aspect of our well-being. Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits engages the reader in an open, non-dogmatic inquiry that has practical, philosophical, scientific, and meditative dimensions. Touches on current Western understandings of the science of perception, and psychology as well as Buddhist thought to inspire the reader to engage in their own journey of self-exploration.


About the Author
Dr. Richard Dixey is a scientist who has spent a lifetime studying Buddhist philosophy. Holding a PhD in biophysics and an MA in the history and philosophy of science, he directed the Bioelectronics Research Unit at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London before founding his own biotechnology company where he served as the Chief Executive Officer for a decade. He is at present a senior faculty member of Dharma College, in Berkeley, California a position to which he brings his many years of working at the intersection of scientific thought and transformative Buddhist approaches to mind.

He has taught at Dharma College since its founding, by Tarthang Tulku, in 2012, dedicating himself to a close, careful study of Revelations of Mind, and guiding students through multi-year programs of study.

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