Revelations of Mind
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Revelations of Mind

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Revelations of Mind is an exercise for the mind. It offers a way of unfolding mental experience that readers can take it on themselves. Experienced meditators may benefit in special ways, but the book is for anyone who appreciates the importance of developing a clearer understanding of his or her own mind.

To activate this flow of understanding, you need to read with an open mind. Even if you do not immediately understand, trust your mind to absorb what is being said. Relax the urge to comment and reject and simply observe. Let mind read and dialogue with itself, mind to mind, until clarity arises. Over time,  you will find your own unique way of viewing yourself and your journey. 

As you engage your life experience in new ways, you may have a sense of deep relaxation, as if something within were thawing out. You see with new eyes, and you feel with a heart healing from the wounds of misunderstanding. No longer influenced so easily by the strong opinions of others, you are ready to find your way. Whatever you want to accomplish, understanding will support you, bringing depth to your vision.

-Tarthang Tulku

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