Zen Philosophy, Zen Practice
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Zen Philosophy, Zen Practice

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The way of Zen holds that reality is to be gotten hold of not externally, but inwardly. The truth is to be found in our own nature and nowhere else. Within each living being is the Buddha nature, the principle of enlightenment. 

"To become a Buddha is simply to discover this Buddha nature, always present within, eternally shining. Like the sun, it continually radiates light, but when the clouds pass over, we cannot see it. The goal is to eliminate the clouds, for when they fly away, we can once again see the light."

Thich Thien-An was an eminent Vietnamese master concerned with introducing Zen to Western practitioners. Originally given as public lectures, this book's 14 chapters, emphasize general principles and understanding while covering a range of topics including "Self-Reflection in Zen Buddhism," "Three Essentials of Zen Practice," and "The Matter of Soul in Buddhism."

Each lecture end with a different method of practice used in Zen Buddhism giving readers the opportunity to experience Zen practice and choose from a variety of methods and techniques, those that are most effective for the reader.

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