Yellow Lotus Flower
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Yellow Lotus Flower

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Yellow Lotus Flower is a children's sing-a-long book for the soul. The story is told by the lotus herself, reminiscing on a time when she was a scared little seed, stuck in the murky depths of the pond, unsure of herself and if life would ever be different. Luckily, she encounters guides along the way, like the benevolent sun and a wise golden fish who proclaims, "there's light at the top, you've got to believe me! So grow up and up and send your roots down deep". The lotus flower lives a parallel and intertwined life with a grieving young girl. Through fear and uncertainty, they have to muster their own courage to send their roots down into the muck in order to transform into the beautiful flower and human they are meant to be.

As Yellow Lotus Flower sings her song, she is joined by a symphony at the pond: a frog on guitar, singing dragonflies, turtles on drums and piano-playing newts. To conclude the epic song of her life, Yellow Lotus encourages the next generation of seeds to have faith that they too will find their way through the muck and bloom.

Yellow Lotus Flower follows the simple life cycle of a flower, yet carries a deep personal and cultural message about transformation and finding our way through dark times. Author, scholar and elder, Joanna Macy, praises it as "a story for our times". Yellow Lotus Flower draws wisdom directly from the natural world and Buddhist thought, offering a beacon of hope for children and parents grappling with life's inevitable challenges and transitions. Yellow Lotus Flower also offers a simple yet powerful lens through which to see the environmental and societal crises that we face today.


"Yellow Lotus Flower, like the sun, you rise up from the darkness

When tears come, your heart grows stronger, like the sun we rise up from the darkness"


Yellow Lotus Flower offers an innovative multi-media experience, in which children and parents can sing along to the words of the book by downloading or streaming the Yellow Lotus Flower song, or scanning a QR code in the book. Children and parents can also find guitar chords in the back of the back, and learn how to play the song! 

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