Teachings from the Heart
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Teachings from the Heart

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As the world draws closer together, it is time to look within, to understand the workings of our minds and to use this knowledge to enrich not only our own lives, but the lives of future generations. 

With warmth and wisdom, Teachings from the Heart clearly presents thoughts on mind and meditation, a new way of working, human freedom, and the play of knowledge in time and space.  Thirty three essays drawn from articles, interviews, and introductions spanning thirty years of work in the West explore ways of knowing that transform limiting patterns and activate our finest qualities.  Through meditative inquiry and understanding, we can bring forth the beauty and joy inherent in mind and shape our ordinary round of existence into a realm illuminated by love and compassion. 

As a young man, Tarthang Tulku received intensive training in Buddhist philosophy and practice in Tibet.  From 1962 to 1968, he taught philosophy at Sanskrit University in India.  For the past thirty years, he has live and worked in the United States.  He is the author of fifteen books and the founder of Dharma Publishing and Dharma Press, Nyingma Institutes, Odiyan Country Center, and the World Peace Ceremony. 

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