Reflections of Mind
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Reflections of Mind

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Western psychology is engaged in an ever deepening investigation of the functioning of the human mind, the development of personality, and the interaction and integration of the body/mind complex.  

Reflections of Mind explores the remarkable Tibetan Buddhist approach to these concerns, giving fresh insight into both Buddhist and Western understanding of human consciousness from a first-hand point of view.  Such well-known psychologists as Claudio Naranjo, Gay Luce, and Charles Tart combine personal experiences in Tibetan Buddhist practices with professional training in Wester therapeutic methods to offer a unique perspective on current trends in Western psychology.

As the author attest, Tibetan psychological expertise and its wealth of practical techniques are casting light on deeper dimensions of mind and inspiring effective new approaches to therapy.  Tarthang Tulku's clear explanation of practices that reveal the nature of mind invites us to develop our greatest human resource and embark on an endless fascinating path of discovery. 

Contributions by Gay Gaer Luce, Claudio Naranjo, Charles Tart, Arthur Sherman, Ralph Davis, Tilden H. Edwards, Jr., Kendra Smith, Theodore Jasnos, Peggy Lippitt, James Schultz, and James Gauer.

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