Love of Knowledge
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Love of Knowledge

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Time measures out our lives and space encloses our possibilities.  Knowledge responds, shaping our potential for accomplishment. 

A decade ago, Time, Space, and Knowledge disclosed a luminous vision of these basic facets of being.  Love of Knowledge continues to unfold this vision.  Drawing on conventional ways of understanding, it sets the stage for Space and Time to appear in a remarkable new light.  Analysis and experiential inquiry open unexplored domains for action and insight, present prospects for global benefit. 

Love of Knowledge follows a path of ever-expanding realization, challenging and cherishing all human faculties.  It invites aesthetic awareness to deepen through appreciation into a more encompassing knowing.  Time makes available the power to accomplish, Space exhibits appearance as intimacy, and Knowledge offers itself freely. 'Self-centered' limitations grow transparent, merging into the Time, Space, and Knowledge of human being.

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