Kindly Bent to Ease Us -- Part 3: Wonderment
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Kindly Bent to Ease Us -- Part 3: Wonderment

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This third volume of the Trilogy of Finding Comfort and Ease deals with "the paradox of there being nothing and yet there is a presence." 

In this poetic work, permeated by the warmth and imagery of direct experience, the 14th-century Nyingma master Longchenpa presents the meaning and scope of Being.  Describing our usual human experience as a narrow, dilute form of Being, he encourages us to open our perspective and live in the light of a far more expanded vision. 

Interweaving the teachings of Buddhist Sutra and Tantra, Longchenpa explicates the meaning of each of the eight aspects of Being stated by the great philosopher Nagarjuna.  He gently eases us into a broader view, revealing our world and experience as an interdependent whole, fluid and alive with meaning.  Through this wider perspective we can taste the joy of and unparalleled freedom of Being.

Eminently versed in the Buddhist languages and philosophical traditions, Herbert V. Guenther has made significant contributions to Western understanding of Tibetan Buddhism.  his translations include The Life and Teachings of Naropa, The Jew Ornament of Liberation, Mind in Buddhist Psychology, and the earlier volumes of Kindly Bent to Ease Us. 

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