Invitation to Enlightenment
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Invitation to Enlightenment

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Invitation to Enlightenment, letters by the masters Matricheta and Candragomin, eloquently emphasize the meaning of right view, compassion, non-harming, the sufferings of samsara, the folly of procrastination, and the benefits of following the Buddha's teachings. Matricheta's Letter to the Great King Kanishka written in his old age to a young ruler who will become the greatest of the Kusana kings, expresses sound spiritual advice in poetry that attunes mind and senses to the power of selfless action. Candragomin's Letter to a Disciple holds a mirror to the psyche, inviting readers to comprehend the full effects of their actions and resolve to free themselves of all that perpetuates suffering for self and others. Both texts point to the possibility of liberation in this very lifetime.

Emphasizing the benefits of following the Buddha's teachings, these works support the path of readers new to the Dharma as well as students more familiar with Buddhist teachings.

For serious students, and for scholars interested in checking specific passages, both texts were published with the English translations and original texts on facing pages. Also included are notes translated from Tibetan commentaries on Candragomin's letter, supplemented by variant readings, analyses of Tibetan and Sanskrit vocabulary, and a facsimile of the old palm leaf Sanskrit manuscript.

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