Gesture of Balance
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Gesture of Balance

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A Guide to Awareness, Self-healing, and Meditation

 Since its publication in 1977, Gesture of Balance has become on of the most widely-read books on meditation available today.  In clear, direct language it relates the profound insights of an ancient wisdom tradition to our present situation, showing us how to develop our inner resources and awaken body, mind, and senses to new horizons of experience.  Gesture of Balance speaks to us like a good friend, offering ways to clear away confusion, strengthen self-confidence, and brighten our lives with meaning and joy.

Translated in German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, Gesture of Balance has introduced the theory and practice of meditation to thousands of readers, and provided teachers with a reliable resource for presenting Buddhism's practical approach to appreciating the value of human existence.  It has been adopted for reading in over 200 college and university courses in the U.S. and abroad.

Tarthang Tulku, originally from Eastern Tibet, was education in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in his homeland and taught Buddhism at the Sanskrit University in Benares for ten years.  Arriving in American in 1969, he founded a meditation center, the Nyingma Institute, Dharma Publishing and Dharma Press, and created a country center for Dharma activities and traditional long-term retreats.  A respected educator and visionary thinking, he is the author of ten books that expand understanding of the human heart and mind.  His works include Openness Mind; Time, Space, and Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality; Skillful Means; Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga; and Knowledge of Freedom.

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