Gathering the Meanings -- Essential Teachings of the Buddha
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Gathering the Meanings -- Essential Teachings of the Buddha

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Gathering the Meanings presents a concise summary of essential Abhidharma doctrines.  It fills a major gap in the West's slowly growing knowledge of Buddhist teachings. 

Abhidharma teachings analyze the factors that make up the realm of human experience and set out the foundation for traveling the Buddhist path.  Abhidharma analysis can cut the roots of suffering, increase mental clarity, and encourage appreciation for the qualities of the Buddha and the path he made available to the world.

Taught by Buddha himself, the Arthaviniscaya Sutra presents the categories for analysis through which students intent on enlightenment can transform the patterns of thinking and acting that produce suffering.  It provides clear and illuminating explanations for many of the key concepts in the Buddhist teachings.  The commentary, by the eighth century monk Virsridatta, clarifies with great precision all difficult points, quoting other Buddhist sources, dealing with objections and concerns, and indicating where different schools have varying interpretations. 

This translation has been prepared by one of the leading Buddhist scholars of India, N.H. Samtani.  In his introduction, Porfessor Samtanai situates the work in its Buddhist context and helps illuminate its significance.  His detailed notes on terms and concepts include profuse citations to the work of other scholars, making this volume essential for all scholars of Buddhism.  Glossaries, an extensive index, and Tibetan-Sanskrit word list make Gathering the Meanings an invaluable aid for students and partitioners of all levels.

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