Dynamics of Time and Space
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Dynamics of Time and Space

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Through careful analysis, fearless speculation, and creative imagination, we can awaken our natural affinity for knowledge.  We can enter a magical universe where the future is now, the impossible is always available, and one point is all points.

This book reveals space as the source of appearance and offers the dynamic of time as the hidden source of meaning.  With images and ideas of starling originality and inspiring beauty, it challenges our persistent attempts to be the owners of knowledge, and invites us instead to join in the play of knowledge that informs all appearance.  When we engage this potential, we can build a bridge to the other side of reality, beyond concepts and constructs -- our long forgotten home. 

Trained in Tibet as a young man, Tarthang Tulku has lived in the West for over twenty-five years.  A dynamic thinker of remarkable range, he has explored the Time Space Knowledge vision in a series of acclaimed works that have been translated into six languages.  This new book marks a turning point in the transmission of the vision: a fundamental presentation of reality that we cannot afford to ignore.

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