Crystal Mirror Volume VII
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Crystal Mirror Volume VII

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The Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha in the Perspective of World History is intended as a practical introduction to certain aspects of the Buddhist tradition for the use of serious students. Tracing the evolution of Buddhism through different countries and cultures, recognizing how often people who come from every walk of life have dedicated themselves to the Dharma, we can renew our confidence in the value of the Buddha's teachings and dedicate ourselves to their transmission in the West.

Crystal Mirror VII frames the life of the Buddha, the unfolding of the Dharma, and the growth of the Sangha in the perspective of world history. Its structure facilitates its use as an introduction to Buddhist history. Short chapters on key historical eras are supplemented with maps and timelines comparing significant events East and West.

A major portion of the book consists of supplemental research and information: "The Written Tradition" surveys the preservation of sacred scriptures and their compilations into canonical collections in major Asian cultures. Tarthang Tulku's essay, "Buddhism in the West," traces the general course of Dharma transmission and its manifestations in the West. Study guides include a bibliography of canonical texts distilled from the Research Catalogue of the Nyingma Edition, information on the Tibetan language, and a glossary.

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